Exclusive visits to the University of Helsinki’s renowned Teacher Training Schools

The University of Helsinki has two teacher training schools, the Normal Lyceum of Helsinki and the Viikki Teacher Training School, both of which are part of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. The Normal Lyceum is one of the oldest Finnish-speaking schools in Finland and comprises lower and upper secondary school. Grades 1‒12 are taught in the Viikki Teacher Training School. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to talk to teacher trainers and get first-hand information about theories and methods used. Presentations on topics such as anti-bullying programs, teaching practice and special needs education can also be included in a school visit.

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The purpose of HY+ organization is to improve the future world and well-being of people through enhancing learning, knowledge sharing, and development.


UniVisits are targeted to professionals in diverse fields wishing to learn state-of-the-art know-how in their own area. Based on the expertise of the eleven faculties of the University of Helsinki, we design customised programmes to meet the needs of each visit group.

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